FarmED - Farm and Food Education

FarmED is the new Centre for Farming and Food Education based at Honeydale Farm in the Cotswolds.

Their mission is to accelerate the transition towards regenerative farming and sustainable food systems by providing space and opportunity for inspirational education, innovative research, practitioner-led knowledge exchange events and personal development. The farm is a diverse mix of low input arable and temporary grass, and organic permanent pasture.

Their trial plots include blocks of sainfoin, herbal ley, barley, heritage wheat, wild bird seed and various cover crops. The grassland is managed by mob grazed sheep.

At the heart of FarmED are two impressive eco-buildings – one providing space for conferences, lectures, workshops and special events; and the other a farm to fork kitchen and food space, and a regenerative business incubator.

Their audience includes local communities, schools, universities, researchers, farmers, new entrants, foodies, businesses, environmental groups and policy makers.

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