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  • Tailored to budget

    All Projects are designed to fit whatever budget you have. We know videography can be expensive that's why our competitive prices are tailored to any budget. On top of that, we will price match and other videography services.  

  • Fast Turn Around!

    Getting your video up to the highest standards and back to you fast as possible so you can show the world is important that's why we guarantee it will be ready for viewing within 2- 6 weeks!  

  • Paragon Quality

    We pride ourselves in delivering High-quality affordable content. At paragon we never let any of our work reach our clients without out the Paragon stamp of approval.

Why Choose Us?

Documentary videos showcasing aspects of your business in more depth, all tailored to a budget. With a video specially designed with your business in mind, making each one unique to your company. This can range from  5 minutes to 30 minutes or more. ​ At Paragon Production we don’t stop working till each client signs off on what we’ve produced.


"The service has been excellent, from planning through to post-production"


We'd love to hear from you

M : 07501221224 E : Productions.paragon@gmail.com


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